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My 1st grader still can't say his R sound. Is it time for speech therapy?

YES!!! Did you know there are 21 different types of R sounds in English (Er, Ar, Ear, Ire…)? That is a lot of R’s for a child to master!

The average age of mastery of the R sound is between ages 3 and 6 (source). If your child is still struggling to consistently use a correct R sound by the end of Kindergarten, it is time to get to work. Delaying therapy can sometimes lead to greater difficulty correcting the sound, as children form a hard to break, habitually incorrect motor pattern. Speech-Language Pathologists are especially skilled in treating this pesky sound, and intensive one-on-one therapy is the most effective and efficient way to help your child move ahead in their speech skills.

Thank you Sage Speech and Learning for providing this answer. SAGE Speech & Learning provides in home, in school, and in clinic options. Sage Speech and Learning can be reached by phone: (404) 245-7981 or e-mail.  They are on FacebookInstagramPinterest, and LinkedIn.  

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