Speech / Language, Reading, Psychological, and Occupational Therapy

At SAGE Speech & Learning Associates, we provide unique, effective and specialized services for children and young adults.  We partner with trusted professionals, including Pediatricians, Psychologists, Reading Specialists, and Occupational Therapists, to design comprehensive assessment and treatment approaches designed to close the developmental gap.


From toddler to teenager, we offer pediatric Speech-Language Therapy as well as associated reading, psychological and occupational therapy services.


If you have any questions about your child, give us a call. Is your baby having trouble making basic sounds? Are you concerned that your toddler isn’t talking yet? Have an elementary school child who is struggling with social interactions or articulation? Call us! We offer free phone consultations with a licensed speech language pathologist. And if you already have a diagnosis such as apraxia or language delay, we’re ready to work with your child. We’ll do a phone consultation to pair you with the right therapist for your child’s needs.

Questions or Concerns? Get a free phone evaluation
with a licensed speech pathologist.


Welcome To Our Practice

We are an Atlanta private pediatric speech therapy practice committed to providing the most current interventions, coupled with effective caregiver training, to produce successful and efficient outcomes. We work with children and young adults on speech therapy, social interactions, reading difficulties, and tongue thrust therapy.

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What Is Speech Therapy?

Our Speech-Language Therapy programs are uniquely designed for children and young adults who need assistance in any area of communication, including Articulation and Pre-literacy skills, Language Comprehension & Expression, Social/Pragmatic Language, and Oral Motor/Feeding. 

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What Makes Us Different?

We believe that a child’s best chance at success is when a loving caregiver is able to guide and encourage them through difficult tasks.  We structure our therapy to include direct intervention with each child, multiple times per week, as well as caregiver and/or teacher training. And we come to you – our therapists cover Brookhaven, Buckhead, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs, East Cobb, and more!

Ready to learn more? Come to a FREE developmental playgroup at Purple Hippo Art Studio in Dunwoody.

Trusted Professionals

At SAGE Speech & Learning Associates, we are proud to have a team of Associates and Specialists that we work closely with to diagnose and treat each unique child.  We currently work with Pediatricians and Developmental Pediatricians, Pediatric Psychologists, Reading Specialists, Occupational and Physical Therapists and Private Schools. Read More..

Disorders we treat:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Language Based Learning Disorders
  • Articulation & Phonological Disorders
  • Apraxia of Speech
  • Tongue Thrust/Myofunctional
  • Language & Cognitive Disorders
  • Language Processing delays
  • Pre-Literacy and Reading Disorders
  • And Many More…!
  • As part of the SAGE Team, we love our friends who work with children on their emotional well being.  Dr. Cohen is passionate about her work. Meet Dr. Avital Cohen: Dr. Avital Cohen is a Georgia and Alabama licensed clinical psychologist who enjoys wo...

  • Part of the SAGE Speech & Learning Associates mission is to collaborate with the community to help families learn and grow.  For this reason, we love to use our social media for marketing local organizations that “Do Good”.  Check bac...

  • Dance is for everyone! This is a great program where children with physical disabilities will build confidence and self-esteem through dance. It’s held on Sundays from August 14 through December 18 in Dunwoody. Register today at atlantajcc.org/...


Saren Schapiro - Speech Therapist

A Message From Our Founder:

Welcome! My name is Saren Schapiro and I am a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.  I believe in the power of early intervention, and I have seen first hand the impact that speech-language therapy has on a child’s development, self confidence, and foundational skills.  Thank you for the privilege of being a part of your child’s success!


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