FREE Speech and Language Screenings at Sandy Springs Library! Click Here to register!

FREE Screenings at Sandy Spring Public Library!

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DATE: MAY 4, 2018

TIME: Slots available from 10 AM- 2 PM

WHERE: 395 Mount Vernon Hwy NE, Atlanta, GA 30328

15 Minute Speech & Language Screenings for all Students.  These screenings are ideal for ages 18 months through middle school, and address Speech (articulation), Language (comprehension & expression), Fluency (stuttering), Voice and overall development in these areas.  Results will be provided to staff and families on the same day (providing the family signs appropriate release information).


Frequently Asked Question:

What if My Pediatrician, Mother in Law, Friends etc. aren't concerned about my child's speech development?

This is one of my biggest pet peeves!! Would you go to a speech pathologist if you were concerned that your child had strep throat? NO WAY! So…why are parents encouraged to see a pediatrician if their child is having a speech, language or social difficulty?

Pediatricians are an incredible resource for all things medical. However, we cannot expect our doctors to also be speech therapists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, or any other type of professional that they are not.  The worst advice my clients receive is to “wait” and see if their child improves until the next doctor checkup. The best advice is to seek out and consult with a speech language pathologist whenever a concern arises! Only a licensed SLP can tell you if your child is showing signs of a delay or disorder, or if your child is developing as expected in their speech, language and social skills. Early intervention is known to be the best indicator of future success! Be that advocate for your child!

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