5 - 6 Years

Hearing & Understanding

  • Understands complex spatial and quantitative concepts (3 cats 6 leaves)
  • Listen to and understand age appropriate stories read aloud
  • Follow a simple conversation
  • Points to letters


  • Know how a book works (e.g., read from left to right and top to bottom in English)
  • Understand that spoken words are made up of sounds
  • Identify words that rhyme (e.g., cat and hat)
  • Compare and match words based on their sounds
  • Understand that letters represent speech sounds and match sounds to letters
  • Identify upper- and lowercase letters
  • Recognize some words by sight
  • “Read” a few picture books from memory
  • Imitate reading by talking about pictures in a book


  • Print own first and last name
  • Draw a picture that tells a story and label and write about the picture
  • Write upper- and lowercase letters (may not be clearly written)


  • Use all sounds correctly, including R, L, S, Ng, V, Sh, Chwith the exception of TH
  • Tell how an object is used
  • Answer hypothetical and open-ended questions
  • Name letters and sounds
  • Understand what a “word” is
  • Retell a story or talk about an event
  • Participate in conversation, start conversations

Engaging Your Child from 5-6 Years Old

  • Continue reading to me, but make sure you ask me to identify letters, sounds, simple words, and rhymes. Ask me what sounds a word beings and ends with.
  • Pick two objects and ask me what is similar about them, and what is different. Have me tell you how two objects are alike.
  • When I come to the grocery store with you, lets talk about categories (fruit, veggies, etc) and have me name items that begin with each letter of the Alphabet.
  • I should be able to tell full stories that make sense and follow an order
  • Lets work on puzzles…I need challenges to learn new skills
  • Lets make up stories about animals that begin with a particular sound, and use that sound throughout the story (“Annie alligator likes to eat apples and artichokes”)
  • Lets create our own books from magazine pictures, then help me to write the story underneath
  • Remember, I might be a “big kid” but I still need to have fun to learn…make all learning experiences fun, silly and rewarding!
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