Speech Therapy in Dunwoody
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Speech Therapy in Dunwoody

Are you unable to speak clearly or fluently? Or do you have a child who is experiencing developmental articulation delays and as a result could not produce sounds correctly when compared to children of the same age?

If you have a loved one who is having speech-language and communication problems, you should not lose hope because such situations can be corrected by experienced speech therapists from Sage Speech.

Sage Speech takes priority in providing top quality speech therapy in Dunwoody. Our services are delivered by highly qualified staff with ethical standards, integrity, and accountability. Having operated in Dunwoody for more than five years, we have become a top choice for residents and operators of healthcare facilities.

Why you should schedule your next appointment with us.

We have state-of-the-art facilities and qualified speech therapist that will identify and treat language disorders, learning deficits, verbal communication challenges for adults, teens, and kids. We offer speech and language evaluations at no costs in a serene environment.

Adults who are currently suffering from the following speech disorders should contact us immediately for Dunwoody speech therapy.

Speech Therapist in Dunwoody


This speech disorder is also known as stammering, and it causes the patient to have repeated or prolonged speech, delayed sounds and syllables. One of the characteristics of this speech disorder is tremors of the lips, and rapid eye blinks. Adults and children suffering from this speech disorder should be taken care of by experienced professionals who can provide result oriented strategies to tackle the problem. Such speech disorder, if not taken care of at inception through a speech therapy program, it can negatively affect the quality of life of such individual. Therefore, you should get an efficient speech therapist in Dunwoody from Sage Speech.


This health situation can arise when the part of the brain associated with speech is damaged, and this will make the individual find it difficult to pronounce or coordinate words, syllables, and sounds. Let our speech therapist in Dunwoody evaluate the situation to determine the severity and recommend the best medical and pathological solution for you.


This is a health situation that causes a slow rate of speech, mumbling and swallowing difficulty due to the weakness of some muscles in the face, the mouth or respiratory system. But it can be corrected when a speech therapist from Sage Speech works on you.

In addition to the above, we also treat the following speech disorders in our Dunwoody speech therapy program.

  • Expressive Language Disorder.
  • Phonological Disorders.
  • Receptive language Disorders.
  • Voice Disorders.

Aging and other neurologic diseases can cause speech delays. It is paramount to contact professionals from sage speech immediately you notice speech delays in your child or loved one.

With our speech therapy in Dunwoody, your loved one can speak fluently, communicate efficiently and connect with his pairs within a short time. For documented immigrants whose desire is to eliminate foreign accent, our speech therapist can help you out promptly.

Sage speech is always here to help residents and visitors Dunwoody with a variety of speech and communication disorder treatments at affordable prices administered in a serene and comfortable environment. If you want your expressive language, pragmatic and accent modification services, do not hesitate to schedule a full evaluation for speech therapy at our office or call for a free consultation.

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