Feeding Therapy
Sage offers expert feeding therapy in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, GA and all surrounding areas.

SAGE Speech & Learning offers Feeding Therapy!

  • Does your child have difficulty eating or picky eating habits?
  • Does he/she have less than 20 foods in his/her diet or excludes whole categories?
  • Is mealtime difficult often with behaviors such as refusal to try a variety of new foods, crying or gagging?
  • Is your child losing weight or not gaining enough weight on the growth chart?

Feeding Therapy in Atlanta

Sage offers expert feeding therapy in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody, GA and all surrounding areas. Eating is a socially learned behavior and should be stress free and fun. We offer a desensitization approach that involves the “whole child”. This includes all aspects of underlying issues related to eating such as sensory processing, oral motor skills, nutrition, behavior and environmental factors. Instead of demanding consumption and rewarding for swallowing, your therapist will teach you how to engage your child socially with food. Your child will learn about foods in a non-stressful way. Your child will learn to initially play with novel foods, eventually moving towards physical and sensory interactions. These interactions with food will move closer and closer to the face and mouth over time. Your therapist will help you choose foods that are linked by sensory properties (color, shape, size, etc.) in order to help the child make sense of similarities and differences. The overall goal is to decrease anxiety around meal times and add new and healthy foods to your child’s diet.

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Sage Speech & Learning Associates offer professional speech therapy, language therapy and feeding therapy in Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Dunwoody and surrounding areas.

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