Specialty Language Programs
Sage offers expert infant / toddler speech therapy, language development service in Atlanta, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and surrounding areas.

Specialty Programs

At SAGE Speech & Learning our therapists are trained in a variety of therapeutic approaches for the treatment of speech and language disorders, social skills needs, and feeding/swallowing disorders.  SAGE Speech maintains a strong commitment to continuing education, and we work hard to stay abreast of new and emerging approaches to helping children become their very best! Listed below is a brief description of the specialized methods we are pleased to offer.

  • Infant & Toddler Speech-Language/Developmental Playgroups
  • Beckman Oral/Motor Feeding Protocol
  • Fast ForWord Language and Reading
  • Lindamood Bell: Visualizing & Verbalizing
  • PROMPT and Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol for Apraxia
  • DIR/Floortime & Play-based Intervention for Infants and Preschool populations
  • Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)
  • Auditory Processing Treatment & Management
  • Speech Boot Camps

Infant & Toddler Speech-Language/Developmental Playgroups

Purple Hippo Art Studio & SAGE Speech & Learning Associates are teaming up to offer one-of-a-kind Speech-Language & Developmental Playgroups! ‘Specially Speaking playgroups are ideal for children with speech, language, or developmental delays and parents who seek an enriching, supportive and social play-based activity for their children! All classes in our 10-week series are led by a certified Speech-Language Pathologist, and are geared towards children aged 10-18 months and 18-36 months. Register online to reserve a spot, spaces are limited! 

2015-2016 Playgroups begin September 4, December 4, and February 26.

Beckman Oral Motor Protocol

Oral motor skills are controlled by the muscles of the face, head and neck. These oral skills are critical to basic functions such as controlling saliva, swallowing, sucking and eating, and speech development. Poor oral motor skills can result in delayed or reduced development in any of these critical areas. The individual may be described as hypersensitive, a lazy talker or a picky or messy eater. Problems such a drooling, bruxism (tooth grinding) and gagging may occur.  www.beckmanoralmotor.com

Fast ForWord Language, Literacy & Reading Series

Fast Forward is an innovative and powerful, research-based program. It has been proven to dramatically improve reading, language, speech, memory and attention skills. Fast ForWord is designed to make rapid and permanent improvements in language and reading. It was developed in a university lab by neuroscientists and has hundreds of research articles to substantiate its underlying science and results.

it starts with cognitive skills like memory, attention and processing speed and works from the bottom up, using the principles of neuroplasticity.  www.scilearn.com

Lindamood Bell: Visualizing & Verbalizing

The Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking® (V/V®) program, created by Nanci Bell, helps struggling readers develop the sensory-cognitive function of concept imagery. Unlike most reading and comprehension programs, V/V instruction directly applies concept imagery to the comprehension and expression of both oral and written language, as well as the development of critical thinking skills, Students in the V/V program move through a series of steps to learn the process for creating an imaged gestalt, then integrating that imagery with language to strengthen their comprehension and critical thinking. 

It is common for children and adults to gain years in reading and language comprehension in just weeks of intensive instruction. Developing concept imagery is necessary to becoming an independent reader, which is necessary to becoming a proficient learner in any subject. And, the process-based instruction provided by the V/V program has proven successful for individuals exhibiting symptoms of hypelexia, ADHD, ASD, CAPD, and other learning difficulties.  www.lindamoodbell.com

PROMPT techniques & Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol

PROMPT is an acronym for Prompts for Restructuring Oral Muscular Phonetic Targets. The technique is a tactile-kinesthetic approach that uses touch cues to a patient’s articulators (jaw, tongue, lips) to manually guide them through a targeted word, phrase or sentence. The technique develops motor control and the development of proper oral muscular movements, while eliminating unnecessary muscle movements, such as jaw sliding and inadequate lip rounding. 

PROMPT therapy is appropriate for a wide range of patients with communication disorders. The most common patients have motor speech disorders, articulation problems or are non-verbal children. Many patients with aphasia, apraxia/dyspraxia, dysarthria, pervasive development disorders, cerebral palsy, acquired brain injuries and autism spectrum disorders have benefitted from PROMPT therapy. 

The Kaufman Speech to Language Protocol is a way of teaching children with apraxia of speech the easiest way of saying words until they have increased motor-speech coordination. They are actually taught the shell of words without including too many of the complex consonants, vowels, or syllables which make a word too difficult to even attempt on a motor basis.

DIR/Floortime & Play-based Interventions

DIR/Floortime & Play-based Intervention for Infants and Preschool populations “The Greenspan Floortime Approach is a system developed by the late Dr. Stanley Greenspan. Floortime meets children where they are and builds upon their strengths and abilities through interacting and creating a warm relationship. It challenges them to go further and to develop who they are rather than what their diagnosis says. In Floortime, you use this time with your child to excite her interests, draw her to connect to you, and challenge her to be creative, curious, and spontaneous—all of which move her forward intellectually and emotionally.” Visit:www.stanleygreenspan.com 

Play-based Interventions…Our highly experienced SLP’s capture a child’s attention through developmentally appropriate play-based therapy, while ensuring that target skills are learned and reinforced. The principles of importance in play-based therapy are active engagement, intrinsic motivation, intense learning and long term retention. Parents are advised to be a part of their child’s therapy program, with therapists providing hands-on training.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC)

The goal of our Augmentative and Alternative Communication program is to provide each child with a unique means of communicating their needs, wants, and ideas, while working on developing functional oral speech and language skills. AAC may include PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), signs, gestures, and other low-tech AAC devices.

Auditory Processing Treatment & Management

SAGE Speech has created a unique approach to the treatment and management of Language Processing Disorders.  We use a combination of structured programming, intensive interventions targeting the cortical processing of speech sounds and language, as well as traditional language therapy and the teaching of management strategies.  We evaluate processing skills using standardized test specifically created to target a number of dimensions of auditory processing skills, such as

  • Filtered Words—Indicates ability to process speech when the signal is distorted or compromised by a poor acoustic environment
  • Competing Words (Directed Ear)—Dichotic listening task that indicates a child’s auditory maturation or developmental level
  • Competing Sentences—Provides information about the maturation of the auditory nervous system

Speech Boot Camps

Boot camps are offered during winter break, spring break and summer.  These small groups are fun, fast paced and specifically targeted to addressing articulation delays.  Boot camps run for 5 consecutive days during short breaks, and 5 consecutive weeks over the summer.  They are an affordable and successful complement to current speech therapy.

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