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Speech Therapy in Atlanta, GA

Speech therapy is the evaluation and treatment of communication and swallowing disorders. Speech and language development usually follows a typical pattern in children. If you have concerns about your child’s speech or language development, our therapists can conduct an evaluation and work with you to develop a complete speech therapy plan.

Our Speech Language Therapy programs are individually designed for children and young adults who need assistance in any area of communication, including Articulation and Pre-literacy skills, Language Comprehension & Expression, Social/Pragmatic Language, and Oral Motor/Feeding. We work with children and young adults to help them build the communication skills they need to thrive.

Speech Therapy in Atlanta

Parents call us for many reasons and we’re always happy to talk about your concerns and answer your questions. Whether your child is having trouble making basic sounds or articulation, is a late talker, or has been diagnosed with apraxia, autism, or language delay, we’re here with the speech therapy they need.

Therapy is designed to be fun and engaging.  Children actively participate in activities that are carefully chosen to facilitate change in the speech and language areas of the brain.  Our therapists begin with a comprehensive evaluation and report leading to detailed goals which are formally discussed with parents.  An intensive therapy program will be recommended based on your child’s needs, and therapy will commence at home and/or school.  Each therapist will train parents, caregivers, and teachers (when needed) in your child’s therapy techniques to aid in mastery of skills and long term generalization.

Speech Therapist in Atlanta

Concerns often addressed by Speech-Language Pathologists include:

Play Skills & Early Preschool Development

Children may have difficulty engaging peers in play, using eye contact and body language, or developing their own pretend play ideas.  Early play skills have been linked to later language and cognitive development. 

Articulation or Speech Sounds

Difficulty articulating one or more speech sounds, such as R, S, K, G, etc.  Therapy for Articulation is usually straightforward, efficient, and fun! 

Comprehension & Expression of Language

Some children have specific difficulty in language areas, such as vocabulary, building sentences, and grammar, where as others may be diagnosed with a genetic or neurological disorder.  Language Intervention is highly specialized, unique to your child’s needs, and complemented by functional goals and intensive parent training. 

Social Skills & Peer Relationships

Elementary and Middle school children may have difficulty connecting with peers in a socially acceptable way.  One-on-one and small group simulations have shown to significantly increase a child’s successful peer interactions, while also improving self confidence and mood. 

Tongue Thrust/Myofunctional Therapy

Specialized Tongue Thrust programs are used to reverse a child’s incorrect swallow pattern.  Therapy for Tongue Thrust is often done before a child begins working on the “S” sound or before a dentist will put braces on.  Many children with large gaps in their front teeth, or whose teeth are pushed forward are found to have a tongue thrust.

Signs Your Child May Need a Speech-Language Evaluation:

If your child has difficulty…

  • Being understood by peers and adults
  • Talking on a level similar to peers
  • Using their speech sounds correctly
  • Expressing themselves without frustration
  • Understanding directions & questions
  • Engaging with peers
  • Developing unique pretend play schemes
  • Being successful in the classroom 

Speech therapy can help your child reach their potential. Our therapists can do a detailed evaluation to determine the best plan for your child.

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