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Ann Elliott, Raise Them High, Inc.

The TEFRA/Katie Beckett Deeming Waiver is a service provided by the state of Georgia for developmentally delayed children. This program covers many of the services so desperately needed by the state’s children, such as therapies, medications, hospital visits, and doctor’s visits.  It can save parents untold amounts of grief and money.  However, applying for the Deeming Waiver can be a very difficult process and many parents are denied, despite very real need for the services.

At Raise Them High, Inc., we are devoted to helping parents obtain the services they need for their children.  This means we fill out all of the paperwork, we walk parents through the process of applying, and we answer all of the burning question parents may have.  In addition, we stick with the parents throughout the entire year to help them with any problems they might have later on.  We believe that all children should be given an equal chance of reaching their full potential and living a happy, successful life.

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